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Wild Divine Meditation Mastery Biofeedback System Alive Clinical Biofeedback Training System
List Price: $499.00
Our Price: $479.00
Sale Price: $429.00
You save $70.00!
List Price: $740.00
Our Price: $740.00
Sale Price: $675.00
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Wild Divine Meditation Mastery Complete Biofeedback System Alive Biofeedback Coaching System & Games for Wild Divine

Meditation Mastery Complete Biofeedback System.

The best starting Mindfulness & Stress Relief from the Award Winning Biofeedback company that started the home biofeedback gaming movement.

Meditation for beginners & intermediates learn from Zen Master Nissim Amon, Dean Ornish, Andrew Weil, Jean Borysenko & other health experts.

Alive is the only clinical Biofeedback program we recommend for the therapist or group setting.

Includes workshops, environments, games and coaching functions.

Real time on screen feedback, dual monitor, robust progress review features and unlimited users makes it perfect for clinicians.

Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation by Wild Divine complete system Alive Biofeedback Training and Gaming for Wild Divine
List Price: $359.00
Our Price: $329.00
You save $30.00!
List Price: $495.00
Our Price: $495.00
Sale Price: $440.00
You save $55.00!
Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation by Wild Divine - the latest in computer video biofeedback systems. Alive Biofeedback Personal Coaching System & Games for Wild Divine IOM finger sensors

Deepak Chropa is your personal guide to learning meditation.

Use the latest guided training exercises and inspirational videos to find peace of mind.

With gentle mentored steps, begin your meditation journey like Deepak was teaching in a personal seminar.

Somatic Vision created the alive program as comprehensive personal biofeedback learning experience.

It contains workshops, personal coaching & multiple gaming environments.

It can produce life altering results; proven for kids to baby boomers. Get real time on screen biofeedback of your ability to focus and relax.

Relax to win is the skill taught to use in every phase of life.

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