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Alive Biofeedback Games are a Proven New Way to Relieve Stress.

How can biofeedback exercises and biofeedback games increase our resiliency, ability to copy and bring us a 'go-to, auto-pilot' relaxation response?

The Alive Biofeedback Program easily creates these 3 important anti-stress factors in our lives.
Get an overall understanding and overview in this under 4 minute introduction.

Jump to the 2 minute mark if you understand how stress acts on our bodies and how stress management is essential to our health and enjoyment.

Would you like to see a few of the Environments and imagery of the Alive Biofeedback System where your own mind and body control the imagery and action? (users love Dual Drive Pro)

Here is a quick 1 minute video showing some of the Alive Biofeedback Games in action.

Imagine being able to unwind and decompress from your day with these enlightening and appealing images on your screen.

Your mind/body interaction drives the action on the screen. As you become more in rhythm, the better the results -- in the games, and in life.

As we all know, sometimes the best way to understand something is to see it in action.

In Video #2 below, we include an overview explanation of biofeedback uses from our Stress-Free Living partner, the creator of Somatic Visions' Alive program. Ryan Deluz explains and shows how Alive is used to bring improved health to its users.

  • In the first 2 minutes, you can see how heart rate, heart rate variability and smoothness are graphed on the screen in real time.
  • At 3:45 - 4:45 minutes, you can see how to create beautiful, multicolored, spiral particle showers
  • Between 5 and 6 minutes, the video shows you the popular Dual Drive Pro 3D Race game. Here you Relax to Go Fast as you compete to win the race. It is easy to see why this is fun for 'kids of all ages'.
  • At the 7-minute mark, Ryan briefly introduces the multiplayer internet gaming aspect and the coaching workshops that teach relaxation techniques and cognitive behavior therapy.

**For a comprehensive explanation of biofeedback, heart rate coherence, and more great videos, you can click here to learn more: Alive Biofeedback Demo Page.

Here is a comprehensive, but succinct review of the Alive Clinical Software with a focus on the Graph Training Workshops and Skin conductance.

See all the adaptable features in the Graphing Screens. It is worth a few minutes of your time.