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Stress-Free Living
your guide to peace of mind

About Us

Here is our story:

The Stress-Free Living Company has been in business since 2004.

The creator of this company works in hope of achieving his own goals by concentrating on contributing to others: this is a main principle in the Stress-Free Way of living.

This company and the plan contained within this website was formed to deal with the ever-increasing pace of life as we move forward in our 24/7 society. Although selling products online for 4 years in small steps towards the ultimate Stress-Free Living web presence, we are only unveiling the total Stress-Free Living program this year. Soon, the Stress-Free Way of living, a concept that has been researched, studied and formulated for 10+ years by the creator of Stress-Free Living LLC will be available for you to use. We look forward to sharing with you the fruits of our efforts in finding a better way, a stress-free way to approach each and every day.

We have 2 main aims -- to educate and provide a way for people to sleep better and achieve less stress and more peace of mind. That is our simple mission. We hope to achieve this for you while learning and growing as individuals, ourselves, as we live on a path that will enable a contribution to the greater good of our society, the people of the world and mother earth, herself.

Join us. Contribute. Learn. Grow. Find Peace of Mind.

This site, the mission of this company is to to provide you with the best, the latest information, research and product reviews in the world of Sleep and Stress. We will be working every day, reading, researching, testing and writing. This section will soon be filled with articles on every aspect of Stress.

Our Mission

To explore the cutting edge of the Stress-Sleep paradigm.

To create a Sleep System and Stress Management Program that will allow anyone to effortlessly improve this most important area of our health.

To build a community of forward-thinking, healthy-minded, globally aware individuals who will collectively contribute to the greater good of ourselves and our world.

Our Goals

Our Goal for you is to provide the latest information, research and products in a way that is easy to understand and put to use every day -- thus fulfilling our shared quest for energy-filled, stress-free days and peaceful, restful nights.

Our Common Goal is to provide money to the most worthy causes; we will donate a percentage of all of our sales to educational, inspirational and conservation based organizations. You can see our current charities in the column on your left. We also do our best to vest our vendors and sell products only from socially responsible companies.

Join us as we create a Stress-Free Way of living -- for you, for us, for thousands to follow.