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Stress is everybody’s business.

Let's look at Stress as if it were a business. Are you in debt to stress -- living in the red each month, feeling practically overwhelmed? Or are you happily in the black, with lots of energy, focus, time and money leftover to spare before you start the next month? How can we measure the stress effect?

I believe that most of America is living in the red zone of Stress.

Guess what? Stress Kills.

Not only will it physically, quickly kill you of a heart attack, but more insipdly, under the radar, stress kills our joy, productivity, free time, sleep, family fun, relationships and many other facets of what we call happiness.

So, we aim to beat back stress, overcome stress, and banish stress to the backburner to be used only in the fight-or-flight emergencies that it was meant for.

Here is how: we have 3 sections of articles designed to help you understand the whys, hows and 'where is it coming froms' of our daily stressors. We also will provide helpful tips, techniques and tools for you to manage stress, deal with it positively and in some cases, banish it from your lives. These tips will provide instant relief tricks to lifelong strategies.

Here are the initial 3 sections:

  • Stress relief you can take to the 'feel good' bank
  • Causes of stress that you can eliminate
  • Stress Management Techniques to deal with the inevitable

Not only does Stress affect your personal business on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, family and financial health are all impacted by stressors in our daily lives, but also a business, a community and life on a global scale is represented in our regular battle with the concept of stress.

Stress can manifest itself in many forms and from many causes. However, to our benefit, we can deal with stress from 1 single principle. How we do that is the principle behind Stress-Free Living and it is grounded in perception, attitude, belief and the powers of the human machine.

We will explain the basics such that you can understand the causes and effects of stress in your lives. More importantly, you can learn simple, quick tips to reduce stress as well as full, complete strategies for stress management in any area of your life.

What are your Causes of Stress?

Stress and its effects is an increasingly important subject to be studied throughout the world. First, let us point out that stress can be good or bad as it brings about changes in our physiology that allows us to survive and thrive. It is the age-old 'fight or flight' mechanism that allowed the human race to survive and now has transformed itself into the current 'adrenaline rush' that allows us to compete and succeed from the work environment, school, stage or playground. It is the perception of stress and chronic stress that we is the cause of our poor health that we want to solve.

Here are the 7 of the leading causes of bad stress in our daily lives. For these we can develop a plan that will use simple tools, daily habits, and just a new way of thinking that can lead you to a new Stress-Free Way of living.

  1. Money -- our financial health
  2. Work -- on the job stress
  3. Relationships -- family, friends & more
  4. Lack of control
  5. Poor health habits, especially sleep
  6. Life purpose -- perception and the big picture
  7. Trying to do too much -- life in the 21st century

For each of the above sections, we will provide articles detailing how these causes arise in our lives as well as potential solutions to lessen their effects or eliminate them altogether.